mountain hotel

Design - the project of a tourist base in the mountains.

All rooms are united by one coloristic solution, as well as executed in the same stylization of minimalism, where it is important light, purity and freedom of space. The interior is extremely simple and minimalist, using simple geometry to organize the spaces.
Ascetic decor, laconic color palette, a combination of modern Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism.
The project uses mainly two colors, the first color is the base - the color of whitened birch plywood, which looks stylish, using it both in a small room two-bedroom living room, and in a large public space observation area, fireplace area. The second color is deep black, this color is associated with peacefulness, silence and mystery, in the modern world symbolizes wealth and elegance.
In the living room is a 2-bed room. This type of room is suitable both for people who are doing the trekking and for those who are just coming to spend a few days in nature. This room has its own dining area, kitchen and a bathroom with a bath - shower and toilet.
8-bed rooms. This space takes on the function of temporary housing for 8 people, the seats are divided into blocks, where for two is one closet, divided into two zones. each beside the bed has a small window to the beautiful view.
Modern materials and equipment, serviceable electrical equipment are used to achieve convenience, reliability and safety. The project uses environmentally friendly materials that are impregnated and treated according to fire safety standards.
Since this project will be located in a tourist and recreational area, the main object of attention in the interior is the view from the window, which should attract the eyes of visitors. This is one of the objectives of my work, so that a person being in the room pay attention to the views, at the same time, so that the person is not in the visual or in the color noise.
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