river street

Design-project of a 44 sq.m. apartment with free layout.

A fusion of minimalism and functionalism in the interior design of a one-room apartment in the RiverStreet neighborhood. This small space will be home to a young girl who is studying for her master's degree in Japanese studies and works as a translator.
Her love of Japanese minimalism is intertwined with a desire to create an appropriate atmosphere in the house, where, the basis of the project is a large amount of air, white shades and reflective surfaces.

Japanese minimalism has serious goals. To teach people to be in harmony with the object world and nature, to distract from vanity, to discipline thoughts and feelings, to see beauty in the imperfect and value in the mundane and fleeting. To create a space comparable to an ascetic's temple, in which one can put one's thoughts in order and continue to interact with the outside world.

It will be advisable to use white furniture, and mirrors to visually enhance the space. The accent colors will be white and black with small additions of warm shades of beige and gray.

The bathroom is dominated by warm shades of white, which will help you relax while taking a bath. Glass partition for the shower room with frosted glass. Overhead installation and not sewn into the wall washbasin pipes, will help to save on recessed plumbing.
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