new south

Design-project of an apartment with a free layout of 46 sq.m.

A young couple will live in this space, the main condition is to make a two-room layout with private and public areas. As a result, one of them provides a full bed and a large closet for storage, while the second room accommodates the kitchen with a dining area and a small living room. There is a separate dressing room with built-in storage systems, where you can store seasonal items. As well as combined bathroom with floor shower and laundry room.

Scandinavian minimalism, warm light shades that fill the space with coziness. This project uses plasterboard ceilings with a concealed curtain system. The public area accommodates a full kitchen with oven and microwave, 4 burner stove and large refrigerator. There is a comfortable dining table with soft seating in a beige shade.

The second area of the public area is a small living room, where customers won't gather as often.
The kitchen and living room are zoned with a large floor-to-ceiling mirror, increasing light and space. Behind the TV is a wall, which is divided into two parts with a wall panel of light wood. On the opposite wall is an abstract painting, in the evening it is illuminated by spotlights.
The small bathroom has a warm floor that can be adjusted. The washbasin has a round mirror that is illuminated from behind, creating diffuse light. The customer insisted on diffuse, since she doesn't have to paint in the bathroom. Next comes the floor shower room with a glass partition. There is a separate utility closet with a washing machine.

Tender bedroom, which fits a large 2-meter bed and a built-in closet for clothes. The room has access to a balcony, where you can make a small recreation area and storage of seasonal equipment.
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