cottage in the woods

Interior design of a 69.2 m² country house

Design of a common room and kitchen for a family of three. A private house located in a cottage community near the forest, where it was necessary to create a quiet interior for privacy with nature. You can relax in the evening for a pleasant conversation or reading a book.
The color background is a light wood, a solid black sofa in the center of the room, a soft carpet to give coziness, a wicker chair and a wooden coffee table to create an atmosphere of home and warmth.
Instead of massive curtains, tulle is used to allow morning light to penetrate the room. At the same time, you can smooth out the light.
The kitchen and dining area are made in the same coloristic solution, as if merging with the interior. Aluminum frosted chandelier is an accent of the dining area, creating a cozy warm light at an early morning breakfast.
Hallway and corridor 8.6 m²
Living room and kitchen 25,2 m²
Bedroom 17,6 m²
Children's room 13,9 m²
Bathroom 3,9 m²
Total area 69,2 m²
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