apartment for two lovers

Interior design of an apartment - 46.9 m²

A project for two people, where the task is to make the apartment light and spacious. The apartment is in an old building, on the top floor. The bathroom was enlarged at the expense of the uninhabited room of the corridor, the hallway, and thus increased the kitchen. The center of the apartment is the common room, where there is a sofa with a coffee table for relaxation in front of the TV. Instead of a separate living room and closet, there is a podium with a sleeping place, on one side of which a working area is set by the window, and on the other side - a closet for storing things. The main color solution - neutral soft beige shades with the addition of black elements, which on a light background give graphic and laconic character to the space.
Decorative plaster on the ceiling and the accent wall in the living room. On the other walls - matte paint. The floor is moisture resistant laminate - oak brown. Instead of the usual white windows and balconies used black frames and painted drywall.
Entrance hall 2,8 m²
Bathroom 3.8 m²
Living room 25,6 m²
Bedroom 6,5 m²
Kitchen 5,2 m²
Balcony 3 m²
Total area 46,9 m²
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